Sunday, June 12, 2005

("HI, I LIVE IN A BOX !!" is an enthusiastic little monologue delivered from - who else ? - a man who lives in a box.

The image below was taken by a Mr Paul Fitzzaland who, along with a Mr Benjamin Asa Smith, is making a short film about - what else ? - a man who lives in a box.

My story deviates wildly from their film so there should be no confusion between the two. My character in their film is relatively normal but in the following monologue I've endowed the box man with autism and short-term memory troubles.




Hi !! What's your name ? What a funny nick-name!! What a funny moniker !! Saying "moniker" makes your nick-name funny because it already suggests something funny. That's the meaning conveyed by language.

Oh it's not a nick-name ? Ha-ha jokes on me I guess. Do you have a father and if so what's his name ?

A funny way to make a nick-name is to take the first letter of your first name and then attach it to wherever the vowels start in your last name. For example if you were a Sam Turndale we could nick-name you "Surndale". In your spare time you can try that with your name.

Hi !! What's your name ? My name is Tam. Isn't that a funny name ? Let's say it many times together and become friends. Tam, Tam, Tam, Tam, Tam, Tam, Tam. Have we bonded yet ?

Okay. Tam, Tam,Tam, Tam. "Tam-tam" means drum in French. Did you feel like we were drumming together when we said my name many times ? I didn't.

Hi !! What's your name ? Names name names. That's a grammatically correct sentence which consists of simply one word. Can you think of other words that can monopolize a sentence like that ? If you can then I would call you linguistically gifted.

Hi, I live in a box !!!


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