Sunday, July 31, 2005

"Space Fruit" is a literary morceaux based on an image sent to me by Lauri Combest. She stumbled across my site, she sent me an image, I wrote a story in twelve minutes and the world is now laughing and crying in all the right places at the (space) fruit of our collaborate labours. Simple. Be like Lauri. Send me something.

I bullshit a lot but today I'm going to tell the truth momentarily: the classic videogame pac-man is based on a Japanese mythic character paku-paku taberu. This basically means "voracious eatter". This may figure prominently in the fast fiction you are about to read.


Hundreds of moments of misery were plastered into the whites of his eyes. He stared out into his world with white eyes wide with black yolks lonely in the middle. His problem was that he lived on a planet of orange Pacus. He was green. Like the sky.

Once a year the green sky rained orange fruit. Most Pacus took offence to this offering from the sky as the fruit resembled legless versions of themselves. The Pacus knew who they were and they didn't need the know-nothing sky to produce likenesses of themselves.

"Oh look Pacu-Pacu Taberu is opening his mouth wide, waiting for the sky to shit out its annual offerings of banality," one of the Tabus shouted as he closed his eyes to wait for the horrid event to run its miserable course.

Pacu-Pacu Taberu opened his mouth and hoped in his heart that the orange fruit from above would coat his mouth and head and legs orange and he would end up looking just like everyone else.

Once again he made a spectacle of himself in his obsession to be normal.

Once again he wasn't invited to play Pac-Man with all the other Pacus the next week.


Anonymous Lauri said...

Thanks Kevin, I loved the story. Especially the opening line.

10:29 PM  

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