Thursday, August 18, 2005

"THE PROFESSOR OF SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS" is a whimsically dark fast fiction based on this image by the very talented Julian Hector.
thinking Giraffe
You should check out his wonderfully playful site which features oodles of animals in a variety of poses. The Thinking Giraffe appealed to me the most, as I detected some potential sadness in the piece.



Of all the animals on the Savanna, Gilbert the Giraffe was teased to tears the most.

"Oh here comes Professor Head in the Clouds," Lenny the Lion chuckled as he chomped on the hindquarters of a gazelle. "What kind of theories have you brought down from your ivory tower today ?"

"It is a sign of poor breeding to eat with your mouth full," Dillinger the Dwarf Mongoose shouted from a distance. "Besides its a free world. If Gilbert wants to be a philosophizing idiot, let him."

All the animals within earshot shouted out angry fits of laughter.

Once again, Gilbert hoofed it from the scene with tears streaming his face. He made his way to his quiet place where he could be alone to think through this problem. As the tears dried from his face, he thought of how he could get people to stop thinking he was a dull academic with nothing but empty contemplations in his head.

What shapes the ways in which we are perceived, he thought to himself.

He pondered and pondered until the sun set on his solitude.

Flowers in the field fenced him in.


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