Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"SHIVA'S MOONLIGHTING AGAIN" is a fast fiction based on an image by the one... the only... Simon Redekop, a Vancouver artist who is one of the four members of the Human Five. If you're confused by those digits, don't be. You must simply realize that there's a secret code hidden in all those numbers which will unlock the meaning of the universe. Human Five's fine work is often infused with that kind of mathematical/geometrical funk.

Given the significance of having a Human Five member's work on Fast Fictions, I've also decided to add something else to today's short-short story: pee. To be honest, I'm sure 99% of the world doesn't give a rat's ass about the stories on this site because there are no real facts in these fictions that can be taken away and told around the water cooler. Well today I came across a news item concerning the power of pee which I'm sure you'll want to tell your buddies about. Basically a team of scientists in Singapore have developed a paper battery which is powered by urine.

So what the heck's the connection between Shiva and pee powered batteries ?

That's for me to know and you to read all about in the following story.



"Between the dance of destruction and the jiggety-jig of creation, I get very little time to myself," Shiva sighs to Jesus over plates of baba ganoush. As other deities in the cafeteria come and go with trays piled high with a variety of other savory dishes, rays of enlightenment ricochet all over the place.

"I have a friend in Singapore for example who could really use a hand with this battery that he's developed using urine."

Jesus spits out the milk that he's drinking into a fine mist and a majestic shout: "Urine !"

"Well yeah. It's brilliant. The process uses urine to power a test-kit for diabetes. Great idea, he just needs a little more capital to get it out of the research labs and onto the consumer market." As Shiva explains all of this with great earnestness, he nervously scratches his brow with his transcendental twig. Obviously, he's having a hard time, getting other gods to take him seriously.

"I want to help him out, you know. Raise a little bit of capital. Stir up some interest. If people were to invest in -"

"If I only had one converted soul everytime you said 'raise a little capital', hell would be a very lonely place," Jesus says, pushing away his plate of baba ganouch. "Give it a rest."

And Shiva was left alone at the table.

And Shiva never moonlighted again.



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