Friday, September 09, 2005

"QUICKSAND MY BELOVED" is a fast fiction that will sink into the sandy vicosity of your heart.

One again I'm pleased to say that visual inspiration has come from the enormously talented Eduardo Recife.


She loved the way he sang in his sleep. Softly yet masculine. Motorhead songs sung in dulcet tones. Awake, he claimed that he couldn't hold a note and that he was tone deaf. This was simply one of a countless number of beautiful peculiarities.

Unfortunately his body consisted of nothing but quicksand.

As much as Samantha loved Jake, she had to accept the fact that she'd never be able to touch him. If her fingers went to his lips, the rest of her hand, arms and body would be sucked into the sandy pull of his body.

Like so many others.

One day it became too much to bear and she filled her pockets full of cement mixed with precious metals. (Her father worked in construction and her mother ran a jewelry shop.) Prepared in such a way, she threw herself in a lake.

Her last wish was that he would never find her. She knew that he could never immerse himself in water without fear of dissipating into a million pieces of mindless sand.

But of course you can see the ending when you look up into your own past; he followed her.


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