Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Tim Yendelson sat in front of a mob of angry parents whose complains crashed together into a cacophonous din. Their mouths were open wide with shouts allowing Tim the opportunity to count all the fillings in their mouths.

"How could a sick mind like yours ever be allowed to educate our children. How can sickness educate ?" shouted a mouth with three silvery fillings.

"Who do you think you are trying to teach creativity to our children. Creativity is a natural gift and it doesn't come from the school. You have no right trying to teach our children to be creative !!" screamed a mouth with two lower fillings.

"You si- si- si- si- si- si- sick !!" stuttered a mouth with only one filling."

Tim didn't bother scanning the happy little "Hello My Name Is" stickers on the parents' clothes. He didn't imagine that he would be staying at this school much longer. Alternative education would have to be the route for him.

Perhaps at an alternative school they would be open to a creative way of dealing with a recurring problem of food fights. Perhaps they would support the making of giant food item costumes for the students. Perhaps it would be acceptable to get the students to wear the food costumes while they hurtled midgets at eat other. Perhaps an alternative school would understand the value of this lesson. Perhaps.

" Si- si- si- si- si- si- sicko !!"

Perhaps the stuttering parent has two molars in his mouth, Tim thought to himself.


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