Monday, June 13, 2005

("HE BEAT IT" is a little flight of fancy into a thriller for our times. As you may know, his royal kookiness Micheal Jackson was acquited of all charges today. Ten white doves were released into the sky outside the courthouse to celebrate this verdict. A friend of mine suggested there might have been ten crows released if he'd been found guilty.

Here's what I have to say about that... )


"Who cares. Why all this attention on one man. Who gives a rat's ass ?!" Mike takes a swig from his Corona.

"Yeah that's an easy out. Act like you don't care. Put on an air of disaffection when really your heart is just too small to imagine the sufferings of another human being." Todd finishes talking by taking a swig from his bottle of beer.

People coming into the bar stare at Todd who happens to look just like Micheal Jackson. At one point in his life he had dreams of becoming a Micheal Jackson impersonator.

Until the hopes of Micheal Jackson impersonators all around the world were dashed by allegations that would forever smear a man's reputation.

And an industry full of potential for unfortunate looking men was stillborn.


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