Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"INSIDES" is some quick-lit that can be read in under a minute, allowing you more free time to do things like watch t.v. and eat potato chips. What other writer can promise as much ? Inspiration came from Tom Benitez , a photographer whose work I came across at Cloud King

Thanks so much for the use of your work, Tom.



"Sometimes I image animals as clear plastic bag type things with the processed meat version of themselves vacu-sealed and suspended right in the center of their animal shaped plastic bag body." He takes a big breath and puts a dirty little plastic bag into his large black plastic bag.

"That's weird," she responds. Annoyed.

He hopes to impress her. He hopes to find a funny way into her heart.

They are cleaning up after the storm. Doing volunteer work. The mosquitoes appreciate their sweaty clean up. They sky remains unimpressed. They've known each other for three hours.

I wonder what was once inside this building, she thinks to herself. Or better yet, what's inside a hello.



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