Friday, July 01, 2005

("SMOOCHING UNDER THE KNIFE" is a tale of flirtation, fantasy and cataract surgery.

Once again this story is based on a photograph taken by the lovely and talented Marieta Tsenova



I love women. Is that a crime ? If loving women were a crime I would be...a criminal - he winks slowly with a tilt of his head - Yes, I am a criminal for love. Is that a crime ? Is it a crime to be a criminal ? I don't know about law. I only know about the laws of love - he makes a smooching sound with his lips - The laws of love are written on my heart in a romantic language like... French. I can't read French but I would understand the laws of love if they were written in French... if you translated them for me into English - he takes a bite out of an imaginary peach and smiles - How did I get my cute little scar you ask ? I was in the hospital for cataract surgery but the surgeon was such a vision of beauty even behind her white bandit mask and surgical gown that I had to have her. I lost sight of her once a napkin type cloth was placed over my good eye but I knew she was there and that I needed her. Her beauty shone through - he makes a bird-song sound - I flirted as best as I could even while she was working her way into my cloudy eye. I raised an eyebrow here and made a smooching sound there. I recited classical poetry that I made up for her right there on the spot - he narrows his eyes briefly as if in a yawn - I promised her the moon, the man in the moon and the truth as to whether or not the moon landing was a hoax. I kidded. I said all of this in a soft voice - he raises an eyebrow - She told me to be quiet, that she was trying to concentrate. I reached my hand out to her warm body and that's when I was cut. That's when cupid punished me for being too full of love.


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