Monday, June 27, 2005

("AND ROCK N’ ROLL AND THE WISDOM OF MEN" is the third and final installment in a trilogy of monologues about the know-how hidden away in sex, drugs n’ rock n’ roll.

Fuckin’ eh !! And that’s the fuckin’ Eh, B, C’s to you, eh.

We conclude with our group of aging metal heads standing around a camp fire.


Christ, enjoy your own goddamn enlightenment….


Christ, acid’ll give you fucked up shit that doesn’t make any sense to say. That’s what it gives you. That’s retarded man. There’s no way you can know what dogs are dreaming. Of course that idea came to you when you were messed up on drugs. You can turn your brain into a mushy substance that’s super absorbent so that it’ll take in any bullshit idea, that’s what you get after a hundred hits of acid.


I’m listening to you guys talk about banging chicks and doing drugs and I while I will say that they have their place for sure, you’re missing the most essential thing out there. What ? Rock n’ Fuckin’ Roll that’s what fuckin’ what !!


You see everything in rock n’ roll. Black Sabbath ?! Come on, that shit’s got it all. Iron Man ?!! That’s all my kids are gonna fuckin’ need. Screw school. Iron Man. Is he alive or dead, has he thoughts within his head ?!! That lines fuckin’ got it all man. That’s the most fuckin’ basic distinction in this universe and they’re asking it of this iron guy dude. He’s like this fuckin’ in between dude. Like a transvestite. He’s like a transvestite of existence. That’s fuckin’ deep man.


Osbourn, Iommi and those other guys were from fuckin’ England man. They learned more by grade three than you knew after you dropped out of grade ten or whatever. And they were the fuckin’ stoned idiots of their country but they still knew more than we’ll ever know. They were fuckin’ deep. Iron Man !!? Come on.

When he traveled time for the future of mankind. That shit just comes out of nowhere. It’s like decades before Terminator. Way ahead of it’s time man. Fuckin’ brilliant.

And this iron man dude was just way ahead of his time which is really all about how guys are on time but where are the chicks in the song ? We’re waiting for them to come into the song but they’re late that’s why they’re not mentioned.



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