Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"WIRES AND EYES CROSSED IN THE WRITER'S BLOCK" is a short little self-help monologue full of madness and anxiety. It is based on this image.

Over the next month I'll be receiving a total of six male and six female portraits from the very talented Marieta Tsenova .

If you are a painter, photographer or any other kind of visual artist and you want to collaborate, drop me an email.



And then there are times when I just can't get a single word on the page. Writer's Block is what they call it but I think it's more like the Writer's Chopping Block. The WCB will finish your career if you stay there too long. Headed for a beheading.

When I find myself speechless on the Writer's Chopping Block, I first of all get a safe distance away from my wordprocessor. Your pad of paper, typewriter or computer is really the chopping block and if you sit there just staring into white emptiness you are basically lowering your head down in defeat, waiting for the axe to fall. If you find yourself with nothing to say get as far away from your writing desk as possible. Thus your safety is guaranteed.

I like to sit in some part of my place which requires no commitments. In the living room I can relax, take my mind off writing and survey my homely little castle.

Of course if you've lived in your place for a long time things might look rather familiar that's why I like to move my head back and forth while crossing my eyes. That's a great way to see things differently. I also deliberately confuse myself by leaving notes in my books and magazines. The notes will say things like "Don't forget that it's so and so's birthday" but the name of the person will be illegible, but then I'll leave another note that says the opposite: "Remember not to do anything for so and so's birthday because he hates celebrating it." I try to cross my own wires, so to speak.

All this helps me through the WCB.

My last novel which came out five years ago featured a cross-eyed protagonist that saved the world through some misunderstanding.

I've been seated here ever since, but at least I'm not on the writer's chopping block.


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