Sunday, June 26, 2005

("DRUGS AND THE WISDOM OF MEN" is the second installment in a trilogy of monologues about the know-how hidden away in sex, drugs n’ rock n’ roll.

Fuckin’ eh !! And that’s the fuckin’ Eh, B, C’s to you, eh.

We continue with a group of aging metal heads standing around a camp fire.


Enjoy your own fuckin’ enlightenment….


Fuck that’s some weird ass advice. My chick wants to look me in the eyes when we’re going at it, You know love and everything. I’m not gay but you gotta respect that shit.


I do know for a fact that Viagra is seriously fucked. There are drugs n’ then there are drugs. Know what I’m saying ? Some drugs are just so fuckin’ redundant it’s a joke. It’s a big scam to wrench more money out of people. I mean we’ve already got acid. What do we need another drug for ? Acid is the fuck drug, I bullshit you not. It’ll keep you going forever. It’s weird and shit if you do it and just like watch the walls breath. That’ll make you go crazy but if you stay focused on something it’ll really fuckin’ help you. Just fuckin’ focus right. That’s all you have to remember.


You learn interesting shit when you’re on acid too. For example I didn’t realize that dogs dreamt in color but they do because I made eye contact with Crunch, you know my rottweiller, and I just figured it out from what his eyes were telling me. You learn so much from eye contact with people but it’s all like unconscious but when I was on acid I made this intense eye-contact with Crunch and he told me through his eyes that he dreamt in color. That’s a fuckin’ miracle. I mean dogs only see in black n’ white but how do they dream in color !! Another miracle compliments of mother fuckin’ nature that’s how. I mean fuckin’ evolution n’ shit is amazing and dogs dream in color.


Acid’ll give you shit to say when you’re out at parties n’ shit.


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