Saturday, July 09, 2005

"UPSIDE, DOWNSIDE, INSIDE OUT" is all about the strange directions we'll take for the sake of love. You know, like joining a barbershop grunge quartet and letting her dress you up in a "Kurt Cobain costume".

This story is based on another image sent to me by my long time collaborator
Marieta Tsenova.
Once again thanks so much for sending me these images, Marieta.



"I'm sorry I just came out of a very dark place." She stands with a clan of the cavebear style boot propped up on the window sill. She stares off into the distance, perhaps dreaming up new methods of destruction.

"We were just laughing," he continues to chuckle out a few remaining chuckles.

"We were laughing and then I thought about all of the starving children in the world with no arms or legs." She stands in the middle of the ruins of what was once his home.

He considers the wisdom of allowing her to redecorate his place with a sledge hammer. He considers the wisdom of allowing her into his heart with her sledge hammer of a personality.

"Let's dance," she screams.


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