Thursday, July 07, 2005

"WE'D SEE SEA-WEED" is a droplet of a story (a storylet ?) based on the seventh photo sent to me by Marieta Tsenova.
Thanks so much for sending me these images Marieta.



"There's no point in doing anything if you don't put aside some time to celebrate, right ?" With his hands held up at his sides in overmitts and a "Where's the Beef ?" apron, he looks like a crucified chef. "It is finished," he says gesturing his head to the cake in the oven. His major is religious studies and he loves to quote the Bible, expecially when he finds himself in a Jesus Christ pose.

After a second's contemplation, she lets go of her stress. "Getting all Biblical on my ass again ?" she says, sliding her head smoothly side to side.

She puts her grad-project down on the edge of the kitchen table. To an untrained eye, it might resemble a heap of sea-weed. To a trained eye, it represents the sea-weed which floats about between Pacific Rim countries which have had "profoundly nourishing" influences on each other.

"Okay five minutes and then we've gotta run."

They sit down to eat dessert.

"There's no sea-weed in the Bible, you know," he says to her, trying to muster up fascinating conversation.

"Do me a favour and stick to quoting the scriptures," she responds, putting a spoonful of cake and ice-cream into her mouth.

"It is easier for a whale's penis to enter the vagina of a mouse, then it is for a snarky person to enter the kingdom of heaven," he says.

She starts to choke on the ring that he's hidden in the ice-cream.

In emergency, while dreaming of how her grad project would've looked on the model on the runway, she looks up to see the most handsome man she's ever seen in her life.

Three weeks later, she'll dump her Bible-quoting boyfriend and go out on a date with her doctor.

"You don't read the Bible, do you ?" she'll ask.

"No, why ?" he'll respond.

"Just asking."


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