Friday, August 05, 2005

"BOXING, DANGLING AND WINGS" is another fast fiction based on inspiration from art coming from Portugal. What do we know about Portugal ?

Not enough.

One thing I've always liked about Portugal is that the west coast resembles a face looking out at the Atlantic Ocean with a confidence as if to say, You wanna go ?!? You wanna fuckin' go ?!? I'll take you on. And they did it through an entire age of exploration. The geography personifies their history. Sweet.

Adriana de Barros is a very talented woman whom I respect highly as she is the epicenter of an arts site called scene360 ,an amazing spot where inspiration hangs out on a daily basis.



His fingertips spin the sign from open to closed when a shadow appears in the door-jam.

"Sorry man we're closing," he says through a beard which he drags through the world like a fisherman drags his net. Hopefully.

"I just need a..." The stranger pulls a black gun from inside his jean jacket. A whiff of perspiration fills the front of the shop.

The street plays dead behind him, stretched out empty for as far as the eye can see.

The stranger holds him at an awkward angle of gunpoint while he is forced to give him a tattoo of a baby on a crucifix. A print of the image is held up in the robber's free hand but even at gunpoint his hand is steady. His concentration fills the silence.

Hours afterwards he tells the police of the three images that the tattoo has left in his mind. The baby with his arms held up like a boxer and other arms limp behind him followed by angel wings. All on a crucifix.

He shaves off his beard to purify himself. To start again. He got into the business because he thought he was in dealing in something that could not be stolen.

He spends the rest of his life quietly contemplating the meaning of the tattoo. Remaking it onto the flesh of others as his beard grows into old age.


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