Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"THE BONG BUSH" digs deep into politics and even deeper into the mind of George W. Bush.

Just joking, there are no depths to be dug in that man's mind.

I rarely write fiction based on anything political but the recent events of Marc Emery's arrest in Canada on behalf of the American Drug Enforcement Agency are cause for alarm. I suppose Dubya's War on Terrorism is doing so abysmally that he's decided to strike on another front: the War on Drugs.

Marc Emery sold seeds over the internet for individuals so that they can grow their own pot. While he has made a pretty penny from this, he is not connected to organized crime. In fact, his service allows individuals to become self-sufficient so they don't have to buy pot through the Hell's Angels and other forms of organized crime. In Canada it is not a crime to grow, possess or smoke marijuana for your own purposes and the potential criminality of selling seeds over the internet which allows so many people that freedom is something for Canadian courts to decide given the fact that Marc Emery is Canadian.

End of story.

This image comes courtesy of the Portland Independent Media Center. And I should add that while I've had the pleasure of being inspired by so many extremely talented Americans, I must say, "Christ, your government pisses us off sometimes."

As always, enjoy...


"So what if the Bush and Marc Emery were to play a round of Jeopary ? 'I'll take American foreign policy for two hundred Alex'. You know the best man wins and all that," Sam coughs and laughs and coughs again.

"No, you have to pass some skill testing questions before they let you on. Wouldn't work for the Bush," Troy replies. Troy's eyes have flattened out to narrow slits of bliss.

They stretch their white bodies out across a giant beach blanket coated in an image of George W. Bush smoking out of a bong. Other sun-bathers chuckle as they pass the pair.

"Well if they're gonna get all extradighty on us, we might as well extradite some Americans that are breaking our gun laws. You know, to keep it fair. Or maybe we could just make a really stupid law like 'it's illegal to knowingly use an American one dollar bill in the purchase of anything'. Extradite the lot of them." Troy turns himself over to sun an equally white front.

Finding all possible ways to get baked above the shallow shadow of the bong bush.


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