Saturday, August 20, 2005

"BRUSHING OFF THE APOCALYPSE" is some quick-lit based on a quick sketch by Steven Silver. His blog consists of smart little sketches made of people seen during his lunch breaks.
stephen sliver's fatman


He chews away with cheeks that inflate and deflate like little red pumps of a giant contraption. His name is Tommy Mecharno. He is on his lunch break.

He stops to stare deep into the third burger which makes up the sum total of his lunch and he falls into a contemplation of doom: How many cows were mixed into this patty in a system of excess and gluttony that pumps out crap in order to promote profits for the scrambling few who are building up empires of billions of dollars before the whole system of speculation crashes into a reality of limitations ?

This reverie of reflection is broken as he shakes his head and sinks his teeth into another bite of burger, forgetting everything.

Until tomorrow.


Blogger stephen Silver said...

This is really great. You have a great imagination and I am flattered that one of my fat man sketches could provide you with inspiration. I will check back often to read some more of your stories.


8:15 AM  

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