Sunday, September 11, 2005

"HARK THE TEST TUBE SINGS IN FILTHY BUBBLES !!" is a special fast fiction which has found its inspiration in an installation at the Helen Pitt Gallery. Here's a still from the show:
Scott Evans, Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie have created a cybernetic bower of pastoralism, vintage junk and circuit boards. You have until October the 8th to make a pilgrimage from wherever you are in the world to this beautifully warped distopia.



After lunch at the Buddhist Burger joint where a couple seconds of a Tibetan chant announced the completion of every order, the afternoon took an unexpected turn.

"Some friends of mine recommended this exhibit, eh ?" He smiled shyly beneath a beard that billowed sideways like a dirty cloud. His eyes were crystal clear with blue and made up for his polluted appearance. Jewels offered as an apology for everything else.

"An Exhibit," she bite her lip. "Exhibit A in what kind of crime ?"

He was from a small town in the interior of British Columbia and spoke in clipped tones that clung to certain stereotypes.

"Okay, now that's got to stop, eh ?"

She turned her hand up to officially identify what had just come out of his mouth.

She was up from San Francisco studying at a Vancouver university and her eyes were lit up in a constant state of wonder which naively lead people to believe that she was naive. Her smarts ranged from the book type to the street type and back again.

Their date was progressing in fits and starts.

But after they stepped into the art gallery and they wandered their way into a green hut, they found a new ground to approach each other on. Inside the hut a fish tank full of green liquid was siffoned away through a maze of tubes into awaiting jars. They speculated that this acted as a kind of engine to power a moss coated television screen which displayed pixels of some dead video game.

And in this new world their tongues touched in a two minute kiss.


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