Monday, July 11, 2005

"I KEEP IT REAL PART TIME" is a little literary excursion that traipses through the forest of my imagination with this picture in the picnic basket:
i keep it real part time
This lovely piece of cat-art was made by none other than Michael Sieben, a talented young man who works for Thrasher magazine, a publication that deals with farm tool injuries. Or something like that.

Thanks for the use of the image Michael. May you never be harmed by farm tools, cats... or picnic baskets.



So the funny thing is that Tedd keeps trying to get money back from Pat who owes him something like twenty bucks but Pat refuses to believe this because Pat argues that you can't really be certain of anything when you're high on acid and Tedd claims to have lent Pat money when they were hallucinating images of talking cats last week but Pat is like no way dude how can you do accounting based on transactions done while on mind-fucking drugs, I mean I'm not a "let's share our pubic hairs hippie" or anything but the whole acid trip trumps any responsibilities of what I may or may not have done, said or hallucinated and if you were stupid enough to lend me money that I supposedly needed to pay a cat named Craig who was dishing out wisdom well then that's your problem and one final thing, I mean who's ever heard of paying a cat in front of a 7-11 twenty bucks for advice along the lines of "I keep it real part time" ?

But I'm backing Tedd because I bought some speed off a cat named Craig just an hour ago.

Yeah, I keep it real part time too.


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