Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"THE MAGIC OF YOUR DREAMS HYPNOTIZES ME" is a droplet of a story (a storylet ?) based on the ninth photo sent to me by Marieta Tsenova.
Thanks for the continuing to send me some of the most wonderfully crazy photos on the planet, Marieta.



Dumpy slouch-walks down creep-street.

Dumpy is obviously down on his luck and wouldn't have considered frequenting the worst part of town if he had had even the tiniest kernel of self-respect or hope in his heart. His shame hangs heavy on his shoulders like a dirty old shawl with "I'm a sicko" embroidered across the back. Creep-street is a sneaky little alley that cuts between abandoned warehouses and this is where the bargain-bin hookers hang out.

Dumpy's eyes are squished into slits, buried beneath a lifetime of dead dreams. His pupils dart back and forth in search of affordable relief.

That's when the time-traveling music video from 1984 pops up out of thin air. For a few seconds a woman dressed as a teacher lip-synchs to pre-recorded music coming out of three monitors which surround her. A camera man with a "Who's the Boss ?" t-shirt and stone washed jeans, gives her a thumbs up. Obviously, they are rehearsing the video. Apparently, they are stuck in a time-traveling adventure.

They disappear.

After several seconds of registering, tears squirt out of Dumpy's eyes and he turns to go home to turn his life around. Thank-you time travelling video from nineteen-eighty four, he whispers to no one in particular.


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