Friday, June 24, 2005

("FUTURE WARNING ALERT" is a short story that might just save your life.

The story is based on another picture sent to me by Marieta Tsenova . Check out her site, it's dope without being illegal.



"No time to explain. There is no time to explain. I am from the future and I've been sent to protect you from bowling ball headed creatures from the year 2145. There is no time to explain !! Hurry up. Staying put seals your fate ! You must get out of here. They will kill you !!" He breathes through heaves of oxygen.

You look around at the other people in the line-up. They all stare off into spaces of their own quiet contemplation. Even the sales staff ignore this man who suddenly appeared next to you. He is oddly dressed, has a thick book in his hands and speaks in a loud whisper.

"There is just no time to explain that you will be lured into a shabby hotel room by a sexy, voluptuous woman whose breasts secrete poisonous liquids. As you kiss her cleavage the poison will take efffect. She is not from the future but she has been hired by the future to destroy you. Hurry up."

You look at the Enya CD in your hand, considering whether or not it could be used as a weapon.

"There will be a trap laid out involving three men in gorilla suits. They might be from the future. They will bench press you because in the future weights are illegal so slaves are used by weight lifters instead and your grandchildren will try to put an end to that practice. Oh God there's no time to explain all this hurry up."

"Where do you want me to go?" you ask.

"There's no time to explain there is a monkey right now in a time machine that is getting ready to be sent back and reconfigure right in your head !! There will be a monkey in your head !!! It will be a very intelligent monkey with an oxygen mask who'll know how to operate you. You've gotta hurry up."

The line-up doesn't move.

"There's no time to explain how -"

And that's when the worst thing imaginable happens to you.


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