Wednesday, June 22, 2005

("SUSPICIOUS HYPNOSIS" is a story as small as a gay little fob that your eyes will go back and forth over until you feel very sleepy.

The story is based on another picture sent to me by Marieta Tsenova . Check out her site, it's dope without being illegal.



"Please come in. Welcome to my... humble abode ? arrogant digs ? I'll leave the assessment of our immediate environs up to you, but do keep in mind that most of this has been arranged for our subterranean purposes." He smiles while lowering his head in your direction, leaving the continuation of the conversation in your hands.

You sit down in uncomfortable silence.

"I nod and you do nothing. My nod is not the land of Nod which Cain was exiled to after slaying his sibling. There is nothing to fear in my nod. Oh I'm sorry am I being obtuse ?" He laughs and sits down at a table. Several plates of flowers overflow onto the whiteness of the tablecloth. His laughing mouth emits such a strong floral scent that you would not be surprised if a bee buzzed in to pollinate his tongue.

You adjust yourself in your seat (vis-a-vis your testicles).

"Well perhaps we should simply cut, cut, cut our way to the chase. Give chase to the chase. Yes I read your letter with great care and I learned a great deal about this terrible Aspergers syndrome. I consider myself to be somewhat educated but I had very little knowledge of this brand of autism."

You consider the wisdom of having opened yourself up to this man. You think of what you could have done with that thousand dollars. You cough.

"Yes it's very interesting... and horrid. Horrid that people should shun you for your peaceful spirit. Ostracize you socially simply because you have no "comeback" to a low-browed assault on your field. Ass-burgers !! Really how base." His hands fold together after several flourishes of condemnation.

You cough.

"And I will be upfront. I respect your scepticism. You are a man of science who has no use for the mumbo-jumbo of hocus-pocus. But I guarantee that you will be cured of this intense shyness. This inability to speak up for yourself in social gatherings." He narrows his eyes in an intense focus on you.

You gulp quietly.

"Even as I speak some item in this very uniquely decored room might have already hypnotized you. Perhaps the way I've wagged my floral sneakers has lulled your subconscious into a kind of submission. I've developed this form of hypnosis for the likes of people like you. I've flown in with my stealth hypnosis plane below your radar of scepticism. Oh I'm sorry I'm silly sometimes."

He laughs.

"Perhaps the ebb and flow of my laugh has reduced you to putty and by now you are simply remembering all of this as a time when you were shy."

You hope he does nothing untoward towards you when you are out.

And you are out in three, two, one.


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