Monday, September 12, 2005

"PROPHET TRIPPING ON THE GATES OF REALITY" is an extra special fast fiction inspired by Vancouver's very own Jaret Penner.

Have you been in the Pen ? On the streets of Vancouver this question is beardo slang which means, "Have you been in the mind of Jaret Penner? Have you seen any of his works ?"

I also once heard a suit on Robson Street ask this very question with an enlightened twinkle in his eye.

Yes, people from all walks of life agree that Jaret Penner's work is fucking enthralling.


Two teens are sitting on the gob littered curb in front of a 7-11. Usually they guess what the people going in are going to buy. Divination based on body weight. But today something special is in the air and their conversation turns to the prophets:
"I mean I've never seen them but sometimes just before dawn, some people claim to see this collection of swirls and patterns in the distance. These guys give off a glow like a sunset. You can only hope you'd be so lucky to actually see them. They are so weird. Fuuuuuuck." He spits.

"I've heard they hold hands. Are they fags ?"

"They hold hands to keep the conduit closed. They're simply reflecting patterns in the universe." (Yes, he is a year older and reads nothing but Beat poetry.) "They don't give a cock-sucker-fuck what people call them. But what they really hate is when people mistake their search for the ultimate truth with something like looking for a contact lens. They spin and swirl around in their cosmic dance a lot. So sometimes people say shit like, 'Are you looking for a contact ?' Fuuuuuuuck. They wear glasses for Christ's sake."

"They're not fags ?"

"Fuuuuuuuck. They're prophets. They're fucking finding the truth of reality."

One of them spits on the yellow border of a parking spot.


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