Friday, June 17, 2005

("AMBITION" is a short-short story about power, conquest and a ten year old girl’s dream of becoming a pony.



“Well, I thought to myself. Anyone can climb Mount Everest. I mean it’s been done before. So I decided to climb good old Mount Evy with the express purpose of writing a novel at the top. I didn’t tell anyone this was my goal at the time. I just said I was going up there and I was going to break the record for being at the summit longer than anyone else in history.”

Everyone at the dinner party gasps in wonder.

“The novel ended up being published under a pseudonym because I wanted it to stand or fall on its own worth.” He says this with straight-faced sincerity.

Gasped expressions grow wider.

“I also wanted to write something as far removed from that painfully cold mountain peak as possible.”

Everyone listens with care.

“So I wrote a 543 page novel from the point of view of a girl named Susy who wants more than anything in the world to grow up to be a pony. It’s written in rhyming couplets.”

Everyone stares in disbelief.





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