Sunday, June 19, 2005

("YODA DOING YOGA IN THE PAGODA" is a very short story. I fired this off in two minutes.

It’s been a busy past couple of days and I haven’t had a chance to keep you updated with stories. Feed you with fiction.



“We’ve appreciated the work that you’ve done for us of course but there have also been some… disappointments.” He looks over the tops of his glasses to communicate the rest.

Mr Cooper sits patiently with no small measure of regret in his heart. He had started working at the Institute of Creative Behavior with the highest of hopes. Plans of creating new gestures, walks, standing positions and expressions of surprise filled his head.

“Certainly your waiting for the elevator stance Yoda Doing Yoga in the Pagoda will be remembered for years to come.”

A smile struggles within Mr Cooper’s lips like a dying man in a sleeping bag.

“But since then we haven’t seen enough.”

The smile dies.

He sits in bland silence in a forgetable posture.

He's lost it.

Even you would fire him.

You would fire him with your left leg tucked behind your neck while hopping up and down on the other.

That's what you would do.


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