Monday, June 20, 2005

("JAPANESE RABBITS, WIGS AND KARAOKE" is a short-short story that would fit nice and snug on a tiny piece of paper that you could roll up, tear into two and stick in your ears for protection while your friends are singing karaoke.

The story takes as it's starting point this photo taken by Vancouver's very own Jason Halayko who's currently residing in Japan, photographing everything cool that he can get his eyeballs on.



He pulls the pink rabbit head off his head with a whoosh of damp heat that reeks of natto, the stinky soya bean concoction that he eats for fuel for breakfast. As the stink spreads out around him, everyone turns in the direction of fresh air. Once again he finds himself temporarily alone in a crowd.

But today he is a cute little bunny rabbit. Today he is ready to delight children until milk comes bursting with laughter out of their noses. Today he wants more than anything to join into the community of costumed performers. Today he is ready to bond with the twinkle-twinkle little stars.

But the stars - baggy sacks of stardust really with yellow wigged starbusts on top - are involved in cussing and laughing over previous shows, late night drinking bouts, tales of conquests of tail and god knows what else. He doesn't know. All he knows is that he stayed up late into the night practicing a humorous anecdote about a baby born in Osaka that, within several minutes of being born, makes comedic sounds which crack up the doctor and nurses. He practiced making this wailing baby sound all morning through mouthfuls of natto. He wants more than anything to relate this tale to a smiling face. He wants to be one of the stars. He wants to fit into their cosmos.

They laugh coarsely amongst themselves while he puzzles his head over how he's going to share his baby joke with everyone.

Perhaps, after the show he should suggest going to a local karaoke. He'll have to make it seem spontaneous, he thinks as he puts the rabbit head back on.

Ready to entertain with a smiling rabbit face.


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