Thursday, June 16, 2005

("UNDONE" is a very short story.




“Well, when Aunt Elizabeth asked me to do this little speech for Grampa’s ninetieth, I said no problem, I can whip up a short speech on Grampa’s life and accomplishments for everyone.” He pulls a spool of paper out from inside his jacket and lets it cascade down to the ground and roll out several feet on the grass for all to see.

The cousins, aunts and uncles all laugh larger than life.

As he basks in their laughter, he sees a thread sticking out from his jacket’s cuff. Without thinking he pulls at it, but it doesn’t give way to any end.

He continues to pull at it but the thread simply gets thicker and starts to turn flesh colored and then red and then white.

The laughter stops as everyone stares in shock as his arm and then torso unravel into a pile of ticker tape.

The story of his grandfather’s life is found afterwards on his ticker tape remains.


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