Sunday, July 17, 2005

"TALL TATTOO TALES" is a super quick read about an aunt's bed-time stories which are based around the ink on her skin The story takes as its inspiration this cute little number by the very talented Vera Brosgol. Check out her site where you can witness the old-school playfulness of her drawing style taking on tattoos, bondage and medical malpractice.
I came across Vera's work at Drawn!, an illustration blog.



"Well Mickey was in a bad way. You see he'd been drinking for about one week straight. When I went to see him he was rolling around the floor with a mickey of vodka, screaming out something about his Minns being the only rodent that would ever truly dig him." Aunt Flora explained all of this with her back to us and her top pulled up above a tattoo of Mickey throwing up chunks of unmentionables which graced the small of her back.

Everytime she lifted any article of clothing to reveal voluminous wads of tattooed flesh, something between my stomach and balls shuddered. But her stories were comically sordid enough to keep our interest and to help us forget the fact that our aunt's half-naked body was the source.

"So I payed him a visit to see if I couldn't help him out and so I said to him,"Mickey you are one cool cat. Why are you doing this to yourself ?" That line usually got him to crack a smile in his most foul moods but he just stared at me through these dead eyes and I'll never forget what he said, "You arrrrggghghhhh," and then he threw up. Yeah I'll never forget those garbled words. I'll never know what he was trying to say, that's for sure but I'll also never forget those horrible sounds. He drank himself to death three days later."

She took a story-teller's pregnant pause.

"At the funeral I quoted his last words but everyone was too high on acid or something to truly get my drift. Those words sent everyone on a really bad trip." She lowered her shirt which signalled the end of the tale.

"Well sweet dreams," she smiled.

Sweet dreams, indeed.


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