Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"ADRENALINE PROSE" is recommended reading for anyone a) trapped in the fridge, b) doing dental research on living piranhas or c) running for their life. In short, anyone trying to save their skin will delight in the misadventures of the heroine in the following fast fiction.

ADRENALINE PROSE was an idea that sprang forth from this image by Andi Watson:
Andi asked that I alert my readers to a book entitled I WAS SOMEONE DEAD by Jamie S. Rich which can be purchased at onipress . Andi illustrated the book and you should buy it.



Janet's interest in surreptitious reads grew in leaps and bounds over the course of her life. As a child she had not only read comics beneath the covers but -just to raise the stakes - she would read by candle light. Her sheets caught fire only once.

For several months as a teen, her readings were limited to books stolen off of classmates. Unfortunately, as the students who read the most were far from threatening, the experience lacked a certain vitality, the toughest kids in the school tending to be semi-illiterate.

It was during that phase of her life that Janet started to break into book stores to spend an entire night between the covers of a book that wasn't hers. Before the day began she would sneak back out of the store and into the world unnoticed. Bags beneath her eyes were her only punishment.

At the age of 23, she stowed herself away in a shipment of Gideon Bibles to Algeria. Although she was an athiest, she still wanted to feel the literary force of the Good Book through eyes and fingertips charged with adrenaline.

She was funny that way.

We never heard from her again.


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