Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"JAMES TRIES TO TEACH HIS HEADLESS CAMEL HOW TO FETCH" is a fast fiction for camel lovers all over the world.

Today's visual inspiration comes from
Fiona Ackerman whose show at antisocial gallery runs until the 29th of this month. Bring a camel head and get a free beer. Bring two and get two beers. Bring three camel heads and get thrown out on your ass for taking a simple little, silly idea and turning into the excessive slaughter of three innocent animals.


"That was an amazing show. Your sister has told me a lot about you," Andrew shouts in a panic, shaking the Performer's hand with the force of someone whacking a club on a deadly animal. Andrew is high-strung.

"Andrew was moved to tears near the end of the show," Susan adds. She wants her brother, the Performer, to like Andrew who had in fact been moved to tears of boredom. (Her brother legally changed his name to the Performer after embarking on a career in theater and was so adamant that people called him by his new name that he once ignored their grandmother for five years after she accidently uttered "Stephen".)

"Well, truth be told, I think my game was off tonight." The two hour performance consisted of leaps and rolls and indecipherable gestures timed in some mysterious way to sounds of car tires crushing tape recorders playing sound recordings of traffic accidents. The only two things that seemed to be related in any way were the backdrop image of a headless camel and the title of the show.

"Neverthless that was powerful," Susan smiled.

For reasons unknown to anyone alive, their grandmother had bequethed her fortunes to the Performer. Everyone in the family made sure the Performer knew they loved him.


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