Thursday, September 15, 2005

"TEAPOT YOUR PISS" is an accelerated fast fiction that races through a nursery rhyme theme park faster than you can say "the cow fe fi fummed over the moon".

Once again visual inspiration comes from Pieter Frank de Jong.


"And if you look over to your right you'll see..." He pauses to wait for a swell of nausea to pass. The tiny group of blank faced tourists stare at him.

Drake Sanders is dressed in a teapot costume. During one glorious phase of his life he treaded the boards as a Shakespearean actor for five consecutive years but after having entered the world of television and having exited with a drinking problem, he was forced to take a job as a teapot.

This morning he's drunk.

Someone takes a picture of the green faced teapot.

In the flash of the snapshot he snaps.

"Oh yeah I'm a little fuckin' teapot and you're a fuckin' nobody who needs to watch fucked up actors trapped inside this bullshit. You try to perform the words of the Bard for five years and then suddenly find yourself burping out diaper commercials. That would fuck up anyone, you fucks." He waves his arms around the edges of the teapot."

The adult theme park of washed up actors who might throw a tantrum once again proves to be a success. The tourists have stories to tell when they get back home.


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